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Head Immobilizers

Head Stay Disposable Head Immobilizer

Head Stay Head Immobilizer

The Head Stay is an easy way to stabilize head or neck injuries. The Head Stay is made of water resistant cardboard. One blue adhesive head strap included. Packaged flat for easy storage.

  • 15” X 5” Base
  • 15” Head Stay Panels
    (Both sides of immobilizer is 6” when folded)
  • Can be easily adjusted to fit most
  • Blue Center Foam pad for head comfort

Highly visible red sticky pull tabs that secure firmly to board!

  Item # 50000
Head Stay Head Immobilizer

Head Guard Head Immobilizer

Item # 50100
Head Guard Head Immobilizer, each
Item # 50106
Head Guard Head Immobilizer, case/6
orange head immobilizer

black head guard
red head immobilizer
Availale Colors: BLUE, BLACK, RED and ORANGE

Head Guard Head Immobilizer

The Head Guard is a reusable custom tailored head immobilizer that fits most spine boards. The side blocks (held in place with extra strong Hook & Loop that works even in water) are adjustable, shifting to accommodate almost any angle. Large ear holes make it easy for patient evaluation. The head and chin straps hold the head securely in place. Vinyl dipped foam blocks provide firm but resilient support and a clean hygienic surface. Easily attaches to spine boards with all Hook & Loop strapping.


  • 15 ½” X 10” Base
  • 6” H X 9½” W Tapered Pillows
  • 39” Head & Chin Straps
  • 25” attachment straps


pedi pillowsHead Guard Pillows, Base and Head & Chin Straps ALSO SOLD SEPERATELY!

Item #50101
Head Guard Head Immobilizor Pillows, pair
Item #50102
Head Guard Head Immobilizer Base, each
Item #50103
Head Guard Head Immobilizer Head & Chin Straps, pair
Item #50104BL
Pedi Pillows, Blue, pair


disposable orange block head immobilizer

Item # 50200
Orange Blocks, pair
Item # 50209
Orange Blocks, case/9 pair
Item # 50230
Orange Blocks, case/30 pair

Orange Blocks

Using the Orange Blocks is a fast and convenient way of immobilizing a patients head. Head Pillows are sealed in orange vinyl bags making them water resistant.
Each pillow is 4” X 5” X 10”

They can be used with our Blue adhesive Head & Chin straps for immobilization.

Orange Blocks with Adhesive Head & Chin Straps

orange blocks



blue foam block head immobilizers

Blue Adhesive Foam Blocks

The Blue Adhesive Foam Blocks are medium density blocks that stabilize patients with head and/or neck injuries. Each block is backed with adhesive sticky tape which can stick to any type of backboard. No sticky residue when removed. They can be used with our Blue adhesive Head & Chin straps for immobilization.

sticky wedge peel back

Item # 50300
Blue Adhesive Foam Blocks, pair
Item # 50312
Blue Adhesive Foam Blocks, case/12 pair
Item # 50350
Blue Adhesive Foam Blocks, case/50 pair