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Hip Immobilizer

Hip Immobilizers
  hip wraphip immobilizer

Hip WrapTM

Made with White Corrugated Plastic this Hip and Pelvic Stabilizer Splint is a less painful way to stabilize and transport all hip and pelvic fractures. Adjustable straps are 2” Polypropylene Webbing with Plastic Side Release Buckles. Each Hip Wrap includes a 4” X 18” Gray Foam Block. (Rigged to conform to patients legs) Call for instruction sheet or further information

Item # 53000
Hip WrapTM, each
Item # 53000M
Hip WrapTM, case/1

  hippy hold compression wrap
hippy hold hip holder

Hippy Hold™

The Hippy Hold™ compression wrap helps stabilize the pelvic area. It will also help relieve pain in suspected fractures. Highly visible orange vinyl and color coded nylon straps with 2" adjustable palstic buckles provide ease of application.

Item #54000OR
Hippy Hold™, each